About Madison Briggs

I am a lifelong artist.

My creative spark came as a young girl living in a small Kansas town. The small town atmosphere -- where people cared about and helped each other -- contributed to my optimistic personality. 

My family relocated several times over the years from the country to the “big city” and seeing different environments helped me to learn to see the beauty in uniqueness. I bring that unique eye to everything I create. 

Patrons have referred to my art as “happy" and "peaceful.” The common thread that defines my work is vibrant color. I usually paint in oils and sometimes in acrylics and my favorite “canvas” is Ampersand artist wood panels. I design on an iMac using Adobe Creative Suite.

I love all animals, especially dogs; a corgi and a mini-poodle are my constant companions. Pet portraits have become my very favorite genre to paint! I love bringing out their personality.

In addition to art, I love to help others in need. I also enjoy cultural activities when I have time. Mostly I love to create!